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Modification Of Existing Agreements And Court Orders

Your circumstances may change over time. In some cases, if the change is substantial and involuntary, you may have grounds to modify your existing obligations. With the recent economic downturn, the most common reason people seek modification is because they can no longer afford to pay their alimony and/or child support obligation. If you have lost your job, been laid off, become disabled or are otherwise unable to meet your current obligation, we may be able to help you to reduce the amount you owe to a more reasonable number based on your new circumstances.

Modifications are not limited to reducing alimony or child support. In some cases, alimony and/or child support can be increased because the other party is earning substantially more money now than when you entered into your agreement or got your court order. Custody or timesharing schedules can be modified if circumstances in the other parent’s life have changed and it is in the best interest of the children. Sometimes, alimony can be reduced or eliminated when the spouse receiving alimony moves in with a new person and his/her living expenses decrease as a result of sharing expenses.

If you have had a substantial change in circumstances that is substantial, permanent, and involuntary, we can help you. We have 20 years of experience in handling complex legal and financial issues our Sarasota Divorce Attorneys can help you obtain the modification to an existing agreement that you are entitled to.