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Collaborative Family Law Attorney in Sarasota

Just as today’s families have chosen to step out of the rigidly defined structure of the past, couples considering divorce in the 21st century often prefer to approach the end of a marriage without the rancor that they may have witnessed their parents go through in divorce a generation ago.

For Sarasota families wanting to divorce at a lower volume, Collaborative Divorce is an approach that can help both sides get an agreement that meets their needs, while preserving trust and respect.

Collaborative Divorce is a unique process for dissolving a marriage where the two parties, both represented by counsel, pledge to avoid litigation. Instead of fighting over property, child custody, and past hurts in court, the sides agree to sit down for scheduled conferences and find ways to reach solutions for the elements of the divorce in a more respectful way.

For many Sarasota couples, the idea of preserving a healthy, considerate, but changed relationship with an ex-spouse is vital to the continuing parenting relationship they may have, the social circle they may share, and business interests that may remain relevant to both for the rest of their careers.

Working with professional experts that the parties agree upon in the relevant topic areas, like accountants, child psychologists, property appraisers, and others, the parties meet to talk through the specifics of a topic area, such as reaching agreement on a parenting plan, in a way that allows for both sides to communicate openly and honestly, and develop clear, workable, reasonable agreements that each party feels invested in.

Attorney Melinda Delpech has helped couples throughout Manatee County and Sarasota County, develop consensus-based resolutions to divorce and other family law matters. Couples who opt for a Collaborative Approach often report being happier with the final divorce settlement, and have more trust in their former spouse’s commitment to the terms negotiated.

Children whose parents use the Collaborative Process have more of a voice in the process, giving them a greater sense of control over events that often just “happen to” a child in a traditional divorce. And rather than seeing Mom and Dad attack each other over a period of months, and even in open court, they see the most important adults in their lives interacting responsibly and respectfully as they work through a difficult life event.

The cost savings to both spouses can be significant in a Collaborative Divorce, as well. By avoiding contentious litigation, there can be savings in court costs and attorney fees. And because the sides can negotiate to hire a single expert for a given issue, the costs related to each legal team insisting on its own experts – often resulting in hiring two – is mitigated. Your real property can be evaluated by a single appraiser, and your financial statements can be examined by a single accountant, if those terms are comfortable to both sides.

Divorce is never easy, but when your marriage deserves a thoughtful resolution, call Sarasota-based divorce and family law attorney Melinda Delpech at (941) 308-7042 for a free Collaborative Divorce consultation.