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Can Sarasota Suspend My Driver’s License If I Don’t Pay Child Support?

Yes, Florida has wide latitude to enforce child support orders, and the state can suspend your driver’s license if you fall more than $500 behind on your obligation.

Even worse, bureaucratic confusion can result in inappropriate enforcement actions, because people may write a check directly to the other parent, or pay child support in cash increments as they are paid for work.

If you have been notified that a suspension is pending, contact an experienced Family Law attorney right away who can help you navigate a confusing system and establish a history of payments that may not have registered with Sarasota’s Child Support Enforcement agency.

Failure to act can lead to even more serious consequences, including jail time. Fight back now.

Call Melinda Delpech at (941) 308-7042 right away and talk to a Sarasota-based child support attorney for free.

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