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Can I Move To Another City In Florida With My Kids Without A Change In My Parenting Agreement?

If you are moving to another location in Florida that is more than 50 miles away from your current residence, there are several steps you need to make in advance of the relocation.

First, you should consult your former spouse and anyone else included in your time sharing agreement.

If those parties approve of the move, then you’ll only have to draft a new parenting agreement and ask the court to ratify it.

If your former spouse isn’t willing to do that, you should work with an experienced Family Law attorney to petition the court for permission to relocate.

Your former spouse will receive a copy of the petition and have an opportunity to respond. If they object, you’ll be required to participate in a hearing where you’ll both make your case.

You can relocate to a new city with your kids, even without your former spouse’s permission.

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