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What Do We Need To Do When My Former Spouse Agrees To My Move Away From Florida With Our Kids?

When you have a significant reason to move from Florida, a supportive former spouse can make it considerably easier when you have kids you share.

Whether for family matters, a new job or promotion, or whatever it is that takes you away from your former home, it’s important that you work together to develop a new parenting framework from which to work.

When your spouse supports the move, you’ll be required to develop a new parenting and time sharing agreement for your kids, including transportation plans for how they’ll get to and from each parent.

Modifications can take many forms, and the plans can be as detailed as you want them to be. Once completed, you’ll submit the new plans to the court for approval, and if no changes are requested by the other parent after 10 days, it will carry the weight of any court order.

As with any legal matter, working with an experienced attorney can help ensure that all forms are in order and your interests, and those of your children, are represented.

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