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What’s The Difference Between A Contested And Uncontested Divorce?

The terms “contested” and “uncontested” have nothing to do with whether your spouse approves of your plan to file for divorce.

As a no-fault state, Florida doesn’t require evidence of misconduct or infidelity in order to grant a divorce. A person only needs to assert their desire to not be party to the marriage anymore.

Rather, uncontested divorces are those where the terms of the divorce – alimony, parenting and child support issues, and the division of marital property – have been worked out between the parties.

While negotiating these issues between yourselves can be difficult, the advantage of making the effort can save you both thousands of dollars in legal fees.

In contested divorce actions, the matters relevant to the divorce can’t be worked out between the spouses, and ultimately require the intervention of a judge to resolve.

These can be costly in financial terms, but also in less tangible ways. Contested divorces can be emotionally exhausting and time consuming for both parties.

Whether you divorce is contested or uncontested, an experienced attorney can help ensure that your rights and interests are reflected in your divorce settlement.

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