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What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a divorce process where a couple chooses to commit to a negotiated, non-litigated settlement that is developed between the two parties in consultation with knowledgeable professionals.

Collaborative Divorce is desirable because it can help preserve the trust and communication that parents need to maintain in order to be effective co-parents after the divorce, it is often a more emotionally authentic experience for divorcing couples when compared to litigation, and it can save both parties a great deal of money.

While a litigated divorce may require that each side pay for its own experts to appraise property, examine finances, and evaluate parental fitness, in a collaborative divorce, the parties can often agree on a single expert to handle a given topic, cutting costs dramatically.

In addition, children may be able to play a more active role in a collaborative divorce, and will benefit by seeing their parents work through a difficult process in a mature, considered way.

Collaborative Divorce isn’t for everyone, but when it’s right for your family, work with an experienced Collaborative Divorce attorney you can trust. Call Melinda Delpech today at (941) 308-7042 for a free consultation.

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