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Do I Have To Hire A Lawyer For A Divorce?

No, Florida does not require that you or your spouse hire attorneys to represent you in your divorce.

If you and your spouse can reach terms that are fair and protect your interests, you can file on your own.

This is especially true for couples who haven’t been married long, aren’t high earners, and don’t have a lot of assets.

On the other hand, if you have a significant financial stake in a home, automobiles, retirement plans, and expectations about your children attending college, hiring an experienced divorce attorney can ensure that you get your fair share of the marriage’s assets and that you walk away in a favorable financial position.

To ensure that you and your children have the resources you’ll need to live the life you want, call attorney Melinda Delpech at (941) 308-7042 and talk to a Sarasota divorce attorney for free.

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